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Frequently Asked Questions about Diarrhea

Everyone is susceptible to diarrhea at some point.1 From its causes, to its symptoms, you can learn more about how to help control diarrhea.

The following are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) and corresponding answers.

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IMODIUM® LIQUI-GELS® provide you with the fast, soothing relief of a liquid to settle things down and restore your feeling of harmony. 

IMODIUM® Complete

IMODIUM® Complete is the first and only anti-diarrheal solution with a unique, dual-action formula designed to effectively relieve diarrhea PLUS painful cramps, gas, and bloating. 

IMODIUM® Quick Dissolve

IMODIUM® Quick Dissolve tablets dissolve instantly on your tongue for fast, effective relief of diarrhea.